New version 3.0 released!
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Now you can read a forwarded email message the way the original sender intended with eClean. eClean automatically cleans up the special characters and white space which is added to email when it is forwarded.

The days of reading messages that are full of line breaks and gibberish are over! Reading cleaned emails is just a click away. Download eClean and start reading clean, understandable email messages today.

What's New in version 3.0?

eClean is now integrated with Microsoft® Outlook®! Simply select the email you wish to clean in Outlook and click the eClean icon found in Outlook's toolbar. Show Me! It's that easy! No more copy and pasting text into eClean's window to clean the text.

For those of you who do not use Outlook to read email, don't worry! eClean can still be accessed via the system tray just like in previous versions. Simply click the icon in the system tray. Show Me! All the handy features you have come to expect are still there!

eClean continues to lead all other eCleaner's in features. New features in this release include:

-- Removing Extra Spaces Between Words
-- Removing Extra Lines Between Paragraphs
-- Removing Email Headers
-- Reindenting forwarded mail after cleaning

Check out the help file installed with eClean for the latest information about all the new features!

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